We must take a stand against the culture of indifference!

Oct 6, 2022 | European Parliament, Interreligious dialogue

“As long as the Special Envoy for Religious Freedom and Belief is not appointed, which has been delayed for three years, the European Union will continue to spread the culture of indifference towards those who suffer persecution”, said MEP György Hölvényi at Monday’s plenary debate in Strasbourg.

Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right, not an exclusively religious issue. In order to enforce this fundamental right, the European Parliament adopted a report on the appointment of a Special Envoy for religious freedom outside the EU in 2019. “It is a disgrace of EU decision-making that the European Commission has not appointed a Special Envoy for three years,” said the Christian Democrat politician. He was speaking at Monday’s plenary debate on “The EU’s actions in the field of freedom of religion or belief worldwide”.

Despite the dramatic increase in religious persecution in the world year after year, the EU is delaying the appointment of a Special Envoy, while the persecuted around the world are calling for Europe’s solidarity and active support.

“The EU will only be credible if it not only appoints the envoy, but also gives the post a meaningful mandate. We made this clear and detailed to the Commission in our report three years ago. As long as this does not happen, the EU will continue to spread the culture of indifference towards those who suffer”, MEP Hölvényi concluded.

Strasbourg 4th of october

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