Africa needs partnership and not lecturing

Jan 14, 2022 | Development policy, European Parliament

“There is a need for a change in European Africa policy. A characteristic centre-right, Christian-Democratic position is essential for this,” said György Hölvényi, Member of the European Parliament, at a hearing with external experts of the Group of European People’s Party on Wednesday. The hearing preceded the upcoming adoption of the Group’s position paper on Africa policy. This paper will have a decisive influence on the group’s Africa policy in the coming years.

The Christian Democrat Member, who is actively involved in drafting of the paper, said: “Development policy has been captured by left-wing and liberal political forces over the past thirty years.” He added: “As Coordinator for the EPP in the Committee on Development, it is a pleasure for me personally that our Group is now trying to define its position on the issue much more characteristically than in the past. We recognized that migration is not the answer for itself but we should, as far as possible, strive to provide local assistance, directly to those in need. The politician emphasized: “People must be assisted by all possible means to live in their homeland and not be forced to migrate.” He pointed out: “In addition to creating peace and security, education and economic partnership are the main tools for this.”

At the initiative of MEP György Hölvényi, the expert for Africa of the Aid to the Church in Need, also took part in the hearing. She emphasized: “The role of churches is outstanding not only because they can interact directly with local communities, but also because they are essential in breaking the conflict cycles as mediators.”

The group will publish its position paper ahead of the EU-Africa Union Summit in February. The paper will set out the Africa policy of the largest group in the European Parliament for the coming years.

Brussels, 13 January 2022…

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The European Parliament adopted the Hölvényi report on education in developing countries

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